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Yeshiva Tiferet Torah

Yeshiva Tiferet Torah led by Harav Nissan Hakakian שליט”א and encompassed by world-class Magidei Shiur, provides a unique high-caliber Metivta, Bet Midrash and Kollel for serious bachurim. They are immersed in a dynamic Torah environment, surrounded by warm rebbeim and kollel avreichim. The Yeshiva provides a setting that offers shiurim imbued with lamdut which imparts skills necessary to delve deeply into each sugya. The kollel, an integral part of the design of the Yeshiva, sets the tone for complete immersion in limud ha'Torah in our thriving bet midrash. The classic method of imparting Torah and mussar infused with a signature warmth, profoundly impacts the talmidim. Tiferet Torah’s bachurim forge close lasting ties with the rebbeim and faculty on staff. Each rebbi is an exemplary role model in middot tovot and yirat shamayim and is readily available to assist the bachurim in all matters. Through the close talmid/rebbe relationship, the rebbeim inspire talmidim to develop into future talmide chachamim and Torah personalities who will serve the klal.