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Metivta Tiferet Torah

Due to the overwhelming success of Yeshivat Tiferet Torah’s Bet Midrash and Kollel, the Rosh Hayeshiva,
​Rabbi Nissan Hakakian, shlita, acquiesced to the overwhelming demand to open a high-caliber high school for our bachurim. 

Metivta Tiferet Torah is a place for these boys to thrive and grow while maintaining great pride in their distinctively rich mesorah. Building on the successful Bet Midrash and Kollel models, Metivta Tiferet Torah has acquired a name as a place for high school-aged bnei torah. Top-notch bachurim from all communities are attracted to the Yeshiva’s signature warmth. Additionally, the promise of truly excelling in a metivta that meets the needs of even the most rigorous learning standards without comprising on our rich mesorah is hard to come by. 

The Yeshiva also encourages and provides talmidim to acquire a robust secular education to become well-rounded adults. Students receive a Regents diploma while learning valuable life skills balanced with their learning.
In the short time since its inception, Metivta Tiferet Torah has earned a reputation of excellence in more than just meeting the needs of today’s bachurim. The uplifting atmosphere generated by the dedicated, caring, and warm rebbeim enables every student to succeed in reaching his potential while forming his path. The presence of the avrechei kollel and bet midrash bachurim serve as impressive daily role models. The talmidim thrive on learning, midot, and becoming true bnei Torah, growing each and every day in an environment tailor-made to meet their needs. 


Open House

Open House

Now accepting applications 

The Yeshiva has a thorough process for each Bachur who applies to attend the Metivita. The first step will be to fill out the application & after review, the office will be in contact to set up an in-person Bechina.

For any questions you may have please email

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