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Yeshiva Tiferet Torah

Yeshiva Tiferet Torah is a unique, high caliber Yeshiva comprised of a metivta, bet midrash, and kollel for serious bnei torah. Led by Rabbi Nissan Hakakian and encompassed by world-class magidei shiur, the Yeshiva provides a setting that fosters warmth, growth, and complete immersion in limud torah. 

The shiurim are imbued with lamdut, which impart  necessary skills to delve deeply into each sugya. Our kollel, which is an integral part of the design of the yeshiva, sets the tone for a dynamic and lively atmosphere in our thriving bet midrash. 

We take great pride in our General Studies curriculum and are registered with the NY State Board of Education. The Yeshiva strives for academic excellence for all of its students. 

Yeshiva Tiferet Torah bachurim for close and lasting ties with the rebbeim and faculty on staff. Each rebbi is handpicked to be an exemplary role model in middot tovot and yirat shamayim. Their intention is to be readily available to all talmidim for any matter. Through the close bond that is formed between rebbeim and talmidim, our Bachurim are inspired and motivated to develop into talmidei chachamim and torah leaders.

Yeshiva Video 5783

Yeshiva Video 5783

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